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Saturday, August 22, 2009

06 POST It Got Worse

Who are I, Me and Myself? I am still in this hallucinatory chamber. If me, Ant and Bee, could smell it would just be myself''s bad breath. If Me could hear it would just be myself's screams. Me can see alright, scary nonsensical figures, Geru thinks unpleasant scary stuff, and the only thing Myself can do is trash around in my shackles. Oh, wait, did I mention the paralyzing drugs given to Myself. Hopefully there is a name for this mess, it is called SLEEP. It is called nightmares? But where is the alarm clock?

What is that hum Me hears, a never ending hum that comforts me. It is the eternal consciousness of nerves huming. I and Myself gets into a lotus position and hum along with it. Where is my binky? I can use my thumb. Ah, Me feel better.

Well, that blue bird flutters around telling me I can do better. With the help of Rabbit I can get that confounded Tuttle off myself and I could break these shackles and bust out of this chamber. All together now, stretch, shake, rattle and roll....roll right out of bed. Oh, my god, it was only a nightmare after all.

Next Post: another nightmare follows.

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