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Thursday, August 20, 2009

08 POST I Must Mind the Store for Freewill

Our consciousness and ability to handle it springs from our natural development and grows with us.  As a baby our Ant and Bee grew larger first.  We looked, listened, touched. and manipulated everything we could.  We had feelings, thoughts, and actions but they were diminutive compared to our drive to explore and catalog the world.  Ant and Bee got buff.  Spidie was close behind, as a toddler we learned to be sneaky and deceptive.  One of our first big choices in life besides going with the flow was the terrible twos, we said NO.  But we have not yet learned very well how to say no to our own whims.  But its a start.

Emotions come to the front and get buff when we turn teenagers.  Oh my gosh, we learned to say NO with more attitude to what others were saying and letting EMOTIONS rule.  Fear of what others think, first love, the roller coaster of life has began.  Not the moment to moment cries of a child but the on going passions that reach from heaven to hell.  Hopefully we with parental  help, 'I' learns to keep them to a workable level so I, or Mr./Ms. Do, can make better choices, and with each year we have more choices to make.  'I' eventually learns to ignore or control the wild Macho and Cuddles explosions in the middle brain.

Around 16 Geru in the frontal lobes has learned enough wisdom to think ahead and logically plan some useful actions, like taking the garbage out in a semi timely manner with only a few pleadings from mom and dad.  With time that can get better, I say it 'can' get better.  It seems with each stage their is more choices that have to be made and, well, there is more margin for error or, perhaps, again more dependence on the earlier stages, but if they have been controlled, or shall we say, wise choices can be implemented.  If not we get an immature person in the upper nature and in the lower nature a 'wise guy.'

The final stage is the top of the brain where Mr. Do (I) dwells to control the muscles. So habits and skills, good or not, build up.  If not we have a lazy and bored upper nature and a flaming lower nature which will rush in to liven things up. If we are too socialized or under socialized, too controlled or over controlled, the upper and even lower instincts we may end up depressed.  Hopefully that will motivate us, or Mr. Do, to begin to explore, feel, think, and act in new ways that are more satisfying. The basic ingrained biological development of the widgets goes on up to 25 or 26 years old.  Then it is all up to Mr. Do to choose and rearrange the widgets in priority of which widgets rule and which ones are to be ignored at any one time so 'myself' learns to be happy and growing.

So you see, this loop of curiously exploring with the senses, reacting with emotion, thinking about it to plan what to do, and acting on it is a continuous ongoing process, moment by moment, day by day, even to make cookies.  I assign the task of choosing which widgets to listen to and to act on to Mr. Do (I) although it is not so simple.  But it is a concept better handled by Mr. Do than left to the wind or whim of others.  The wiser Mr. Do/Ms. Do is the more freewill we have.

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