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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 POST Me, Myself, and I

Consciousness is partly explained in the idea that there is more than one of us. First there can be 'me,' me is my widgets and they each have a different personality of their own, a singular personality. Ant and Bee curiously explore the environment with no emotion, thought or action.  Fear fears all, love loves all, pure thought can go on forever meaninglessly, and we can have action without seemingly any purpose. Or thought can guide the others, or love guide, etc.  The combinations are endless.

'Myself'' I will call the body, the body must eat to live.  It has hunger and other needs that are inborn.  Myself can be very demanding, healthy, sick, thirsty, tired, etc.
The Lower Nature is housed in the Myself, Dragon the boss.

Mr Do is 'I.' I do not know what to look for, or what to feel, think or do. Myself is demanding so I want to meet those needs.  But how?  I am dependent on me, on all those widgets to see the possibilities. And they play with the possibilities.  That's right they play, they try this and that.  One moment I'm loving, the next I am a  bewitched.  It can be a regular dance flare in the old noggin as they twirl and dance around in different possible patterns.

I pick and choose which combinations to meet the needs of  myself.  Now that can be a trial and error type of  learning.  Geru and Crow will keep track of that, Macho, Cuddles, and Raccoon will add attitude, and Ant, Bee, and Spidie will look for more of the same or better  depending on the out comes.

Consciousness is being aware of myself, me, and I.  It's like being three dimensional.  It all makes so much sense.  With the help of me I see, I feel, I think, and I do and we all learn to satisfy myself.  So why is it not that simple in real life?

Now for the cluttering factor, the mix up, the glitch, the spoiler, the subconscious.  Next post, what is that?

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