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Monday, August 24, 2009

04 POST The spoiler, the subconscious

The subconscious is the attic, the storage of the past, memories and habits we do but do not take note of anymore, habits of perceiving, feeling, thinking, or doing.  It is full of other things, things I never seen, but Ant and Bee did.  Emotions I do not remember, but Macho and Cuddles do.  Thoughts and solutions I am unaware of but  Geru is mulling around, and actions I did or could do but do not realize or remember.  The subconscious is memories but much more.  Why am I not conscious of them?  Consciousness is limited.  Me has much more potential than I am aware of.  Lets look at it.

Ant and Bee see a lot more than I do.  They see at maybe 144 frames a sec.  But I only experience say, 12. Oh dear me, macho remembers more then I do, thoughts too I can't see them all, or memories of things I have done.

It is like these big little cameras and projectors that take in a lot.  But I see, feel, think, or remember them all YET I have to make sense of it all or it is just meaningless.  Until I process those sights and sounds, those feelings, those thoughts, those actions, its all a blur.  And processing takes time, about 12 frames in one second.  If I can process at least 12 frames a second life becomes animated.  Any slower and its just meaningless flashes or frames. Like listening to a foreign language I do not know.  Any faster and time will have to slow down to include it all.  Oh, no, then there are those other widgets and their bad experiences.

Next post is Macho and Cuddles and the motley crew, Dragon and his cohorts Spidie, Raccoon, Crow, and Coyote.

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