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Sunday, August 23, 2009

05 POST Subconscious Evil Self

Close our eyes and we depend only on sound and touch. Oh, oh, less fun after the newness of no sight quits entertaining us. Block off the hearing. Presto, only touch. The game is becoming a drag. No touch, no smell, no taste, we are left with what's already in this very quiet chamber. That's when the Halloween of memories begin their ghostly and ghastly dance. Macho is scared, Cuddles tries to comfort him, but the horrifying figures of our worst fears keep coming, boogie men, wild things, fangs, dripping blood, you name it and it's there. Who is going to tame that dang Crow and his doomsday rhetoric. Its too dark in here to move. That's not even saying anything about that blaming Raccoon, "who did this to you." Spiedie who won by turning off Ant and Bee joins in to conjure up blaming your worst enemy or best friend. Then there is that Dragon, the alter ego, he and Coyote chase you. One spits out flames and the other barks and bits with big teeth.

Now the paranoia sets in. Macho is scared and excited flattening Geru's optimistic thinking or any thinking. Rabbit has joined Macho in the chase of you and Tuttle has withdrawn into his shell and taken Mr. Do with him. "Who has done this to us? My wife, kids, husband, oh my gosh, what they do to us all, put us in a sound prof chamber. I knew I should of never married, mom and dad warned me. Where are the good guys, can't see, can't move, can't think, only feel horror, its Halloween with no trick or treat little munchkins. This is the real thing!"

Next Post: It gets worse.

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