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Thursday, August 27, 2009

01 POST Consciousness The Mind

Consciousness is a hard thing to define and to explain. Consciousness is our senses, what we see, hear,feel (love is a feeling), and think. We feel ourselves as we do things. Insects feel pain, maybe fear, that is a rudimentary consciousness. Animals have more. I think we are born with some and we learn to be more conscious and aware as we have memories of past consciousness and anticipate future ones. The more consciousness the more fun and play.  But we have consciousness of our consciousness, that is depth.  We can examine it, play with it, and change it for the better. Animals play more than insects, and children more than animals. .

The mind loves to play. Down deep we all love to play and children are our guide. They do not know what they are doing but they look for different things, try out various attitudes, imagine wild and strange things, and act out everything. And thus the children grow in leaps and bounds having explored their world.

But they are children, you may say. The deal, the kicker is the brain is meant to play all the time, that is how we learn the best. Fun, guys, fun, make life fun. Psychology should be fun. No boring names and long faces. Out with the diagnosis in with dignity for all.

Whether we deliberately do something or subconsciously do something, we do not always know what we are doing. We can create drama and make life a real roller coaster. After all it is fun. We love adrenaline. The problem comes when you are enjoying all the adrenaline you notice the roller coaster is broken and you are flying through space and you realize you will crash and maybe die, so fun adrenaline turns to fright and panic. Time stands still. You do not know what to do to get out of this jam. You are trapped, and when you are trapped, like reflexes you will have mechanical reactions.

 Next Post will look at that.

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