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Monday, August 17, 2009

11 POST How to Choose your Consciousness

Ok, Ok, how can the You or the I or the Mr/Ms Do make better choices?  The answer is simple but complex.  It is basically how you choose and arrange the conscious moments or frames.  How you arrange the external and internal stages for your drama affects other subconscious frames and moments.  There are so many subconscious frames that can pop up into conscious memory, with or without rhyme or reason, or so it seems.  But the reason and rhyme is how you, your Mr/Ms Do, organized the composite of conscious moments, frames, and memories of sights and sounds, fears, interests and loves, beliefs, thoughts and concepts, and actions and habits... habits of perception, emotions, planning and thoughts, and skills and addictions.  They tell the subconscious frames which pop up will be taken notice of, or taken seriously. Dreams are more free to be ridiculous,  awaken moments are better monitored by memory of what should be, decided by past, present and future widget formations.

Let's say you encounter a mad dog who indicates with teeth and growls than he wants to bite you if you move, you are trapped.  Mr. Do, (I), the Hero wants to save the day.  But he is not sure how.  Ant tells him to study the dogs fur, or dental structures.  Bee says to watch the whole body and its movements. Macho yells run for your life.  Geru at this point yells NO the dog will chase you and bite you in the butt as a dog in the past did. The old memory pops up and you shudder in fear.  Cuddles wants to show love and Geru yells, NO you will get bit in the process.  Rabbit wants to kick it and Geru again interferes with the idea. Turtle's advice is to NOT MOVE and Geru concurs.  Spiedie denies there is any danger, Raccoon wants to take the dog home for himself, Crow yells kill it, and Coyote and Dragon proceed to prepare to follow Crow's idea.  Fire comes out of Dragon's mouth as Coyote draws his sword.  With the littlest involuntary movement of your body the dog bites you, (myself), in the pant leg as Cuddles yell's not to hurt the dog.  What are you to do.

Now imagine that each widget is a pet of a child and they and their child owners are all situated around the Mad Dog.  They all have ideas what to do.  The pets reflct the character of their owners and are protecting their owners who would be the many different Mr/Ms do's decisions in your head.  What a complicated situation.  The many possible actions and outcomes is endless.  I will use these characters later.

Back to just you and the widgets.The situation dictates what will work.  Well, myself (you) had moved involuntarily and got bit.  Geru took note and told I, (Mr. Do), moving will not work.  So trial and error and the widgets tell I what to do or not to do.  It is still I's choice.  If the owner is near just wait and yell for help, if isolated from others and you have food feed it and leave carefully, if others and medical help is near I may go ahead and try and love it.  If nothing else works I may just cry.  Now no widget suggested that, Myself does that under duress.  Or I may wait and when the advantage pops up go ahead and kick the stuffing out of it. Sorry, I do love animals.

The next blog will be Personal Growth and how to obtain it depending on your personality (ies).  Let the cartoons begin.

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