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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

02 POST Mechanical Emotions

Somethings are mechanical, if we are trapped by circumstances we get depressed, over whelmed by situations and it is a chemical reaction. The chemistry may get us excited but after awhile the chemicals begin to shut us down. We get apathetic and begin to get listless so that impending death is not so hard.

So now what? Will there is always faith and hope. "Faith and hope!" you may say, "don't preach to us." But faith and hope are also mechanical brain functions, they also will create chemicals that will reverse the depressive ones, so does laughter. Cynical laughter is a two edged sword because it is ultimately trapping with no hope for better, but hopeful laughter is purer and begins to clear up the cloud of doom over our heads or really in our heads, a cloud of rumination and worry.

Now we humans seem to see saw between negative and positive. The way we think may trap us and than release us from the trap with hope. Ok, what is it that makes the difference if we are trapped or free? No easy question. The next post will start with how the players in our heads, that are creating our unique personalities, teach us what to be conscious of.

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