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Friday, August 21, 2009

07 POST A Different Type of Nightmare.

To some the nightmare is not sleep but that they can not sleep. Insomnia can be a living nightmare. Mom and dad warned be not to have kids, that incessant bawling or racket that never ends. In the middle of the night you say, "Its your turn to get up, why can't you hear the screeching, how can you sleep through it?"

And that my friend is one difference between men and woman. Check out blog three, the battle of the sexes. The biological and learned differences between men and woman or between any two humans.

 OK, I am awake now. Who is looking at all those widgets that each want their own way and making choices of which ones rule the day or the moment so day time does not become a nightmare of overwhelming sights and sounds, or awful emotions, or haunting thoughts, or mindless activity? I has to do it. But can I? How can I?

Next Post  is conscious manipulation of widgets, or at least the start of it.

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