Consciousness and Freewill

Consciousness is a coordination of widgets in the mind. How to improve consciousness with personality changes. Self improvement and inspirational. Help motivation.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

01 POST Consciousness The Mind

Consciousness is a hard thing to define and to explain. Consciousness is our senses, what we see, hear,feel (love is a feeling), and think. We feel ourselves as we do things. Insects feel pain, maybe fear, that is a rudimentary consciousness. Animals have more. I think we are born with some and we learn to be more conscious and aware as we have memories of past consciousness and anticipate future ones. The more consciousness the more fun and play.  But we have consciousness of our consciousness, that is depth.  We can examine it, play with it, and change it for the better. Animals play more than insects, and children more than animals. .

The mind loves to play. Down deep we all love to play and children are our guide. They do not know what they are doing but they look for different things, try out various attitudes, imagine wild and strange things, and act out everything. And thus the children grow in leaps and bounds having explored their world.

But they are children, you may say. The deal, the kicker is the brain is meant to play all the time, that is how we learn the best. Fun, guys, fun, make life fun. Psychology should be fun. No boring names and long faces. Out with the diagnosis in with dignity for all.

Whether we deliberately do something or subconsciously do something, we do not always know what we are doing. We can create drama and make life a real roller coaster. After all it is fun. We love adrenaline. The problem comes when you are enjoying all the adrenaline you notice the roller coaster is broken and you are flying through space and you realize you will crash and maybe die, so fun adrenaline turns to fright and panic. Time stands still. You do not know what to do to get out of this jam. You are trapped, and when you are trapped, like reflexes you will have mechanical reactions.

 Next Post will look at that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

02 POST Mechanical Emotions

Somethings are mechanical, if we are trapped by circumstances we get depressed, over whelmed by situations and it is a chemical reaction. The chemistry may get us excited but after awhile the chemicals begin to shut us down. We get apathetic and begin to get listless so that impending death is not so hard.

So now what? Will there is always faith and hope. "Faith and hope!" you may say, "don't preach to us." But faith and hope are also mechanical brain functions, they also will create chemicals that will reverse the depressive ones, so does laughter. Cynical laughter is a two edged sword because it is ultimately trapping with no hope for better, but hopeful laughter is purer and begins to clear up the cloud of doom over our heads or really in our heads, a cloud of rumination and worry.

Now we humans seem to see saw between negative and positive. The way we think may trap us and than release us from the trap with hope. Ok, what is it that makes the difference if we are trapped or free? No easy question. The next post will start with how the players in our heads, that are creating our unique personalities, teach us what to be conscious of.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

03 POST Me, Myself, and I

Consciousness is partly explained in the idea that there is more than one of us. First there can be 'me,' me is my widgets and they each have a different personality of their own, a singular personality. Ant and Bee curiously explore the environment with no emotion, thought or action.  Fear fears all, love loves all, pure thought can go on forever meaninglessly, and we can have action without seemingly any purpose. Or thought can guide the others, or love guide, etc.  The combinations are endless.

'Myself'' I will call the body, the body must eat to live.  It has hunger and other needs that are inborn.  Myself can be very demanding, healthy, sick, thirsty, tired, etc.
The Lower Nature is housed in the Myself, Dragon the boss.

Mr Do is 'I.' I do not know what to look for, or what to feel, think or do. Myself is demanding so I want to meet those needs.  But how?  I am dependent on me, on all those widgets to see the possibilities. And they play with the possibilities.  That's right they play, they try this and that.  One moment I'm loving, the next I am a  bewitched.  It can be a regular dance flare in the old noggin as they twirl and dance around in different possible patterns.

I pick and choose which combinations to meet the needs of  myself.  Now that can be a trial and error type of  learning.  Geru and Crow will keep track of that, Macho, Cuddles, and Raccoon will add attitude, and Ant, Bee, and Spidie will look for more of the same or better  depending on the out comes.

Consciousness is being aware of myself, me, and I.  It's like being three dimensional.  It all makes so much sense.  With the help of me I see, I feel, I think, and I do and we all learn to satisfy myself.  So why is it not that simple in real life?

Now for the cluttering factor, the mix up, the glitch, the spoiler, the subconscious.  Next post, what is that?

Monday, August 24, 2009

04 POST The spoiler, the subconscious

The subconscious is the attic, the storage of the past, memories and habits we do but do not take note of anymore, habits of perceiving, feeling, thinking, or doing.  It is full of other things, things I never seen, but Ant and Bee did.  Emotions I do not remember, but Macho and Cuddles do.  Thoughts and solutions I am unaware of but  Geru is mulling around, and actions I did or could do but do not realize or remember.  The subconscious is memories but much more.  Why am I not conscious of them?  Consciousness is limited.  Me has much more potential than I am aware of.  Lets look at it.

Ant and Bee see a lot more than I do.  They see at maybe 144 frames a sec.  But I only experience say, 12. Oh dear me, macho remembers more then I do, thoughts too I can't see them all, or memories of things I have done.

It is like these big little cameras and projectors that take in a lot.  But I see, feel, think, or remember them all YET I have to make sense of it all or it is just meaningless.  Until I process those sights and sounds, those feelings, those thoughts, those actions, its all a blur.  And processing takes time, about 12 frames in one second.  If I can process at least 12 frames a second life becomes animated.  Any slower and its just meaningless flashes or frames. Like listening to a foreign language I do not know.  Any faster and time will have to slow down to include it all.  Oh, no, then there are those other widgets and their bad experiences.

Next post is Macho and Cuddles and the motley crew, Dragon and his cohorts Spidie, Raccoon, Crow, and Coyote.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

05 POST Subconscious Evil Self

Close our eyes and we depend only on sound and touch. Oh, oh, less fun after the newness of no sight quits entertaining us. Block off the hearing. Presto, only touch. The game is becoming a drag. No touch, no smell, no taste, we are left with what's already in this very quiet chamber. That's when the Halloween of memories begin their ghostly and ghastly dance. Macho is scared, Cuddles tries to comfort him, but the horrifying figures of our worst fears keep coming, boogie men, wild things, fangs, dripping blood, you name it and it's there. Who is going to tame that dang Crow and his doomsday rhetoric. Its too dark in here to move. That's not even saying anything about that blaming Raccoon, "who did this to you." Spiedie who won by turning off Ant and Bee joins in to conjure up blaming your worst enemy or best friend. Then there is that Dragon, the alter ego, he and Coyote chase you. One spits out flames and the other barks and bits with big teeth.

Now the paranoia sets in. Macho is scared and excited flattening Geru's optimistic thinking or any thinking. Rabbit has joined Macho in the chase of you and Tuttle has withdrawn into his shell and taken Mr. Do with him. "Who has done this to us? My wife, kids, husband, oh my gosh, what they do to us all, put us in a sound prof chamber. I knew I should of never married, mom and dad warned me. Where are the good guys, can't see, can't move, can't think, only feel horror, its Halloween with no trick or treat little munchkins. This is the real thing!"

Next Post: It gets worse.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

06 POST It Got Worse

Who are I, Me and Myself? I am still in this hallucinatory chamber. If me, Ant and Bee, could smell it would just be myself''s bad breath. If Me could hear it would just be myself's screams. Me can see alright, scary nonsensical figures, Geru thinks unpleasant scary stuff, and the only thing Myself can do is trash around in my shackles. Oh, wait, did I mention the paralyzing drugs given to Myself. Hopefully there is a name for this mess, it is called SLEEP. It is called nightmares? But where is the alarm clock?

What is that hum Me hears, a never ending hum that comforts me. It is the eternal consciousness of nerves huming. I and Myself gets into a lotus position and hum along with it. Where is my binky? I can use my thumb. Ah, Me feel better.

Well, that blue bird flutters around telling me I can do better. With the help of Rabbit I can get that confounded Tuttle off myself and I could break these shackles and bust out of this chamber. All together now, stretch, shake, rattle and roll....roll right out of bed. Oh, my god, it was only a nightmare after all.

Next Post: another nightmare follows.

Friday, August 21, 2009

07 POST A Different Type of Nightmare.

To some the nightmare is not sleep but that they can not sleep. Insomnia can be a living nightmare. Mom and dad warned be not to have kids, that incessant bawling or racket that never ends. In the middle of the night you say, "Its your turn to get up, why can't you hear the screeching, how can you sleep through it?"

And that my friend is one difference between men and woman. Check out blog three, the battle of the sexes. The biological and learned differences between men and woman or between any two humans.

 OK, I am awake now. Who is looking at all those widgets that each want their own way and making choices of which ones rule the day or the moment so day time does not become a nightmare of overwhelming sights and sounds, or awful emotions, or haunting thoughts, or mindless activity? I has to do it. But can I? How can I?

Next Post  is conscious manipulation of widgets, or at least the start of it.